mercredi 20 février 2013

Animals : Salamander

Salamander :
The curiously majestic creature before you is the fabled Draconian Salamander. It comes of the Order Caudata, which is dated back 164 million years and originated in modern day Kazakhstan. These creatures are seldom seen by humans as they only emerge from their cavernous dwellings under cover of night or heavy rain. This small dragon is well versed in survival and destruction--each step of his evolution has moved him further away from prey and further toward predator. He can regenerate all lost limbs, rendering him difficult to wound in any meaningful way. He is replete with both lungs and gills, rendering him capable of both land and water habitation. He is also said to eat his skin after shedding it, rendering him difficult to track, or recognize.
On top of the beast's afore mentioned strengths, he seems to have recently developed the ability to withstand the wrath of the naked flame. The element of the dragon's composition responsible for his resistance to extreme heat has become the subject of many raucous debates. Unfortunately, the most popular school of thought states that the creature's skin itself is a flame retardant. While there are only a handful of witnesses (most of them birdwatchers or vagrants) who claim to have seen the Draconian Salamander emerging from within a merciless blaze, men and women worldwide have taken to the wild in hopes of turning a profit. Various well known individuals have already been spotted on waiting lists for Draco-Salamandrian skin coats. Nevertheless, the minimal rate at which any of these extraordinary creatures are being captured shows us the true superiority of their evolution to our own.
Justine Th.